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Don’t let the weight of your day get you down, come home and wrap up in your Lavender Heating Pad to soothe your stress and muscle aches away!

These make Great gifts – Mothers Day, Birthday, Christmas, and Fathers Day.  Just because gifts and the best gift of all, gifts to help you take care of yourself.   Your heating pad is filled with rice and Young Living lavender essential oil.  Other oils or scents are available via custom orders.  Measures 16 inches long and 8 inches wide.  Weighs approximate 2.5 pounds which aids in deep pressure, further soothing muscle aches and pains.

  • Cooling Instructions:  Pop your rice pack into the freezer for several hours and use without a towel or pillow-case to chill your aching muscles or joints.
  • Heating Instructions:  Pop your heating pad in the microwave for 40-55 seconds.  Your heating pad will be warm, not hot.  Once you put it on the area of pain or stress, it will get warmer and soothe sore muscles.  This size works wonders on your back, sitting with it wedged between you and the comfort of your favorite recliner or couch.  Good for hip and knee pain after a long day.
  • Do not overheat, the heating pad is filled with rice.
  • Do not wash or get wet then heat.
  • You can spot clean if needed, and let air drive fully before use.

This is not meant as medical advise to treat injury or illness.  This will provide relaxation and soothing of muscle aches.  If your pain continues, please consult your physical or physical therapist.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 16 × 8 in
Hot Pack Fabric

Black with Gold, Coral, Texas Rangers